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As a board member of Action Africa Help International in Nairobi, Kenya, Klaus Poser B’56 assists Masai pastoralist communities in their quest for survival and development. At home, in the “green city”of Freiburg, Germany, he serves on the sustainability council.


Since Cyclone Nargis destroyed more than 2,000 libraries in May 2008, John Badgley ’57 and Nargis Library Recovery have collected more than 700,000 English-language books from around the world, published more than 150,000 in Burmese and distributed books to around 850 libraries in Myanmar. Badgley was part of the Rangoon-Hopkins Center in the 1950s and attributes his continued scholarship and interest in Burma to the experience. He lives in Edmonds, Wash.


Richard Murphy ’58 and Ludmilla Murphy B’60, ’61 lead active lives at Leisure World, a retirement community in Silver Spring, Md. In November 2011, Richard conducted oral history interviews, available on the U.S. Senate’s website, about his tenure as the legislative assistant to Senator Hugh Scott, Republican of Pennsylvania, between 1964 and 1969.


Building on his 1973 relationship with Eugene Ormandy in Beijing, Nick Platt ’59 of New York City returned to China with the Philadelphia Orchestra in June 2011 to launch a new five-year residency program. His designed format mixes performance, teaching, ­talent-spotting and community outreach, and focuses on provincial cities. His 10-day 2012 pilot featured 50 events in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Macau.


In March, Harold Kurzman ’60 celebrated his son’s marriage in Sonoma, Calif. In April, he participated in events in New York City marking the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic sinking and recognizing the courage of the passengers who died, including his great-grandparents. He has two grandsons in New York City’s Tribeca area, whom he enjoys visiting from his home in Naples, Fla.


In June, Carmine Gorga B’61, ’62 of Gloucester, Mass., was in Rio de Janeiro with his wife, Joan, attending the Rio+20 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development. They visited with several other SAIS alumni who were invited by Gary ­Sharkey ’06 to celebrate the conference that Gorga had contributed to significantly with his work on ethics and economics.


William E. Butler ’63, Ph.D. ’70 of Newville, Pa., was awarded an LLD ­honoris causa by the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences’Kyiv University of Law in April.

George W. Grayson B’63, ’63, Ph.D. ’67, a professor emeritus of government at the College of William and Mary, is focusing his research on Mexican drug cartels. In November 2011, Grayson met with Mexico’s presumed next president, Enrique Peña Nieto. He lives in Williamsburg, Va.

Fred A. Kahn ’63 was interviewed on his seminal proposal regarding the presidential election debates, and a story with his photo was published in the ­September–October 2012 issue of Bethesda magazine and in the October 2012 issue of Washingtonian magazine. He lives in Bethesda, Md.

George Krumbhaar B’63, ’63 of Washington, D.C., is writing a book on federal budget policy for a course he teaches to public policy graduate students at

Carnegie Mellon University’s Washington, D.C., campus. He welcomes anyone with observations about the way the budget process has worked with his or her organization to email him at

In October 2011, Anna Pellanda B’63 of Padua, Italy, retired as full professor of political economy in the Faculty of Law at the University of Padua. In 2011–12, she stayed on to teach Economics of Cultural Heritage at the university. In October 2011, the university exhibited her paintings and other art she made between 1956 and 1966.


Julie Melton Fisher ’65, Ph.D. ’77 and her husband, Ed, live on Peaks Island off Portland, Maine.

Ira Kornbluth B’63, ’65 of South Hampton, N.Y., is an attorney at Hamptons Real Estate.


Gianfranco Pasquino B’66, ’67, a senior adjunct professor at the SAIS Bologna Center, presented a paper to the American Political Science Association’s New Orleans Convention last summer. In November and December, he was based at the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations in Washington, D.C.

After 18 years as a principal of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, Alan Platt B’67, ’67 of Washington, D.C., retired in December 2011. He is a professorial lecturer at SAIS and a senior fellow at the school’s Foreign Policy Institute.


Shmuel Limone ’68 lives in Ramat Gan, Israel. In April 2008, he retired from his role as a colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces after routine surgery that left him partially paralyzed. Despite this, he and his wife, Gila, travel frequently, visiting Greece and Spain in 2012. Their daughter, Noa, is an assistant editor at the prestigious Haartez newspaper.

After spending January through June 2011 in Washington, D.C., as a public policy scholar at the ­Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Roberto Toscano B’67, ’68 moved to Madrid with his wife, ­Francesca, where he enjoys retirement. He is a senior associate researcher at a Barcelona think tank and travels to the United States and Italy, where he serves as president of the Intercultura Foundation. In May, he was selected to give the commencement speech at the SAIS ­Bologna Center.


Warren J. Devalier B’68, ’69 traveled extensively in 2012, including an excursion to Europe and several places in Asia, such as Hong Kong. He continues his work in consulting and leadership coaching in the firm he founded in 1988 and commutes by bullet trains between homes in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. His daughter, Izumi, graduated from SAIS in 2011 with a 4.0 GPA.


Harry C. Blaney ’70 of Bethesda, Md., after a career as a U.S. Foreign Service officer and the president of a foreign affairs non-governmental organization, continues to work as a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy in its National Security Program. He appears on radio and TV programs, gives lectures and writes reports and the Rethinking National Security blog, aiming to open up the debate about U.S. foreign policy and national security.

Jessica P. Einhorn ’70 of Washington, D.C., who spent nearly 20 years at the World Bank, concluding as the managing director in 1998, and who served as the dean of SAIS from 2002 to June 2012, was appointed to BlackRock’s Board of Directors in July.


Monica Gruder Drake B’70, ’71 continues to enjoy the good life in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, where she and her husband, retired Canadian Ambassador Earl Drake, have made their home since 1991. In April, she organized their three-week trip to Indonesia for the launch of Earl’s book on a 14th-century Javanese princess. She also is immersed in micropolitics as a member of their condominium association’s governing council.


SAIS alumni living in Asia, Europe and the United States gathered in Los Angeles in June during Claudia Flisi’s B’71, ’72

visit from Milan. Other attendees of the event, ­organized by Sarah Mercadante B’10, ’11, included Karen Weber Bustamante B’82, ’84, David Bustamante B’82, ’84, Michael Tran ’10, Eric Seilo B’09, ’10, Stephen Chien ’06, Jennie Lin B’09, ’11 and Antonio Cruz ’05.


Cris Arcos ’73 retired last fall to Texas after a 27-year career with the United States Information Agency and Department of State. Arcos served in Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, the Soviet Union and Honduras as the White House coordinator for public diplomacy, deputy assistant secretary of State, ambassador and in other capacities. He enjoys fishing, gardening and writing about his experiences in the foreign service, corporate America, policy sorcery and madcap adventures during the Cold War.

In July 2011, Wolf-Ruthart Born B’73 of Berlin retired from his duties with the German Foreign Office after serving as ambassador to Mexico, Turkey and Spain and as the Staatssekretärstate secretary (vice foreign minister). He remains active and attended a meeting of the African Union’s foreign ministers and heads of state as a special envoy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in July. He is also involved in consulting efforts promoting German investment in Turkey, works on energy sector reform and takes part in global conferences.


Jörn Altmann B’74 is professor emeritus at ESB Business School at the Reutlingen University in Germany. He teaches international trade and finance part-time while maintaining his role as dean of M.B.A. studies at EuroFH University in Hamburg, Germany. In this capacity, he spent two weeks in Boston at Suffolk University in June. He lives in Baden Württemberg, Germany.

Repps Hudson ’74 is an adjunct instructor in Washington University’s international affairs master’s program in St. Louis, Mo. After retiring from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 2007 after 40 years in print journalism, he is helping to build an information assurance program so that graduates will be well-prepared for careers in the global economy.


David Drexler ’75 of Sherman Oaks, Calif., is a personal injury attorney in the Law Offices of David Drexler.


Paul Dwyer B’77, JHU ’77 lives in Hong Kong and works as the head of risk for Hong Kong Aviation Capital in Hainan, China, an operating lessor of commercial jet aircraft and an HNA Group company.

Nigel Ogilvie JHU ’75, B’77, ’77 of University Park, Md., marked 33 years of federal service in bank supervision this year, 17 with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and 16 with the Federal Reserve. Ogilvie proudly reported that his wife, Louisa, completed a 500-mile bicycle pilgrimage across Spain to Santiago de Compostela in July.

Fred Zilian ’77, Ph.D. ’96 moved to a part-time faculty position at Portsmouth Abbey School and joined the adjunct faculty at Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I., in June. He continues to portray Abraham Lincoln to young audiences in an effort to make history come alive. In July, he gave a lecture at the annual Civil War Reenactment in Fort Adams in Newport.


In February, Chris Danielewski JHU ’77, ’78 moved to Cambridge, Mass., after being a confirmed New Yorker all his life—and is happy to be there. He continues to do consulting work in various global locations, where he sets up training for banks and corporations in financial market activities.


Lynn Exton ’79 and her husband, Richard Marney ’79, live in Calgary, Canada. In August, her daughter, Katie Marney ’14, started as a first-year student at SAIS in Washington, D.C.

In December 2011, Michael Reiterer B’79 completed five years as the EU ambassador to Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, and is the senior adviser to the European External Action Service’s Asia Pacific Department in Brussels. He worked on the July ASEAN-issued joint statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In August, Hilda Tsang B’79, ’79 returned to her home in San Gabriel, Calif., from a church mission to China, where she stayed with an ethnic minority family and was fascinated by the experience.


In 2012, Leonard F.M. Besselink B’80 of Haarlem, Netherlands, left his position as the European constitutional law chair at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands to become the constitutional law chair at the University of Amsterdam.

Carol A. Grigsby ’80 of Washington, D.C., launched Grigsby Global Strategies and joined the Perkins International Advisory Board in May.

Reavis Hilz-Ward ’80 is enjoying varied work as an international speaker, consultant and coach based in Frankfurt and was recently elected to the supervisory board of a German organization specializing in microfinance in Africa.

Jim Hyde B’80 is a professor in Deakin University’s Public Health Policy Department in Melbourne, Australia.


After 33 years in the U.S. Foreign Service and 15 years with an NGO coalition engaged in international disaster response, James Bishop ’81 is back working for the U.S. Department of State, where he helps respond to Freedom of Information requests. His primary residence is in Washington, D.C., although he also has a home in St. Leonard, Md.

Paul Dalle-Molle ’81 and Katharine Phillips Dalle-Molle B’80, ’81 relocated from Paris to New York. Paul became the head of client coverage and investment banking for Société Générale in the Americas. 

Wolfgang Schill B’79, ’81 resides in Frankfurt, Germany, and works at the European Central Bank, where he is head of the Economics Department.

On December 14, 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama nominated Jacob Walles ’81 to be U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Tunisia. He was sworn in by U.S. Secretary of State ­Hillary Clinton on June 21.

In September, Jutta Wolke B’80, ’81 left Algiers, Algeria, where she served as the German ambassador and relocated to Istanbul to serve as the German consul general.


Andrew Goldberg ’82 got engaged on April 4 to Laura Ellen Klein and plans to honeymoon in Paris at the flat of fellow alumnus Lars Rosdahl B’80, ’81 and in Cannes, France, in July 2013. Klein has a daughter, Rebecca, who is 9 years old, and Goldberg has a daughter, Ana, who is 18. They moved to a colonial home in Needham, Mass., in August.


Stephen Eisenbraun ’83 of Herndon, Va., has been a senior adviser at the U.S. Department of State since his retirement from the foreign service in 2002. Since retirement, he has also been the chief editor of the department’s annual country reports on human rights. He continues his long-time association with the San Min Book Company in Taipei, for which he is a part-time writer.

Christoph K. Lindemann B’81, ’83 has been with the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank) in Frankfurt, Germany, since 1990. In recent years, he has worked as a senior economist in the International Monetary Affairs Division of the bank, dealing with G-20 affairs. He is the father of 14-year-old twin sons.


Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley ’84 was sworn in as the U.S. ambassador to Malta on April 18.

Emilio Bonaplata ’84—

a retired Spanish navy captain, pilot, Iberian director of an Irish plastics manufacturer, graduate of both the Navy War and NATO, and employee of the Spanish Ministry of Defense’s ­politico-military affairs offices—is co-owner and international director of ­Vantus, the Spanish representation for General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. He lives in Madrid and plans to travel soon to Lima, Peru, to visit a daughter and family.

Having published an edited volume for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Hans-Peter Brunner ’84 of Manila, Philippines, continues to focus on the ADB’s investments in small and medium enterprise clusters in India and on South Asia economic integration policy. His daughter, Julia, attends ­Barnard College.

Michael Chibba ’84 received an executive fellowship from Harvard University in 2002 and continues to publish widely in international development, social science and management journals. He lives in Toronto with his family.

Biorn Maybury-Lewis ’84 and his wife, Mayra ­Gonzalez, of Cambridge, Mass., started an online boutique called The House of Findings (thehouseof in August. The site specializes in retailing vintage, recycled, youth designer and contemporary women’s apparel, as well as accessories, home furnishings and tribal items. Their boutique includes the artistry of indigenous peoples they have met in less-known corners of the planet and reflects their worldview: sustainable, eco- and people-friendly and fashionable.

Axel van Trotsenburg B’84 returned to Washington, D.C., three years ago after seven years as country director for the World Bank in Latin America. He is now vice president for concessional finance and global partnerships at the World Bank.


Eleanore Boyse ’85 and her husband moved from Washington, D.C., to Heidelberg, Germany, in August and are moving to Wiesbaden, Germany, in early 2013. Their son, Fentress, returned to Washington from Bologna for his final year at SAIS this fall.

Since January 2010, Cesira D’Aniello ’85 has been the director in charge of transparency at the General Secretariat of the EU Council in Brussels, supporting the European Council. D’Aniello also oversees the historical archives of the EU Council, the European Council and the library ­serving the two institutions.

Xiaofang Shen B’84, ’85, Ph.D. ’91 of Washington, D.C., took early retirement from the World Bank in July after having worked there as a private sector development specialist engaged in advisory operations in more than 40 developing and transition economies since 1990. In September, Shen joined the SAIS China Studies Program as a visiting scholar and researcher.


Having left Africa in October 2010 after some 20 years of work, Michael Evans ’86 now serves as the executive­ director of the Jesuit Refugee Service, USA, based in Washington, D.C.

Mary Dickens Johnson ’86 spent Christmas 2011 in Waikiki, Honolulu, with her husband, Donald H. ­Johnson Sr. As a next step in life, they are looking to leave Key Largo, Fla., and make a permanent move to Honolulu.


Mieke Bos B’87 of Ottawa, Canada, is a director for Canada’s Treasury Board. She manages client­ relations with Canada’s Border Services Agency, Correctional Services and Department of Justice.

Jordi Molas-Gallart B’86, ’87 lives in Valencia, Spain, and works at INGENIO, a joint research institute of Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he continues his research on science and innovation policy and its evaluation.


Gayle Allard B’83, ’88 of Madrid is professor of economics at the IE Business School in Spain and is cited frequently in the international media on Spanish and European issues. Her topic of research is the role of labor-market rigidities in countries’economic performance. She and her husband, Jose Bolorinos, have five children, Elisabeth, Pepe, John, Christian and Victoria.

Juan Ramon Balcells B’88 is working as director of legal affairs for the Latin America business of the Telefonica Group, a large multinational Spanish company in the telecommunications sector with activities in almost all countries in Latin America, from Mexico to Chile. He is based in Madrid, where he resides, but his job has him travelling to Latin America. He is married with three children, Magdalena, Ignacio and Santiago.

Dennis Cole B’88 of Gloucester, Canada, returned from diplomatic assignment in Vienna in July 2011 and is now the manager of regulatory affairs for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

In January 2012, Mark Ellyne Ph.D.’88 became an associate professor of economics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa after working at the International Monetary Fund for 25 years. He is organizing a SAIS alumni group in Cape Town.

James Glucksman ’88, N’89 relocated from Beijing to Oamaru, New Zealand, in October 2010 to take over a historic luxury lodge, where he uses his SAIS degree and years of consulting experience to look after people from around the world who stay as his guests.

After serving for several years as secretary for spatial planning in the Government of Catalonia, Spain, Oriol Nel’lo B’87, ’88 of Barcelona is back in the Department of Geography of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where he is professor of urban planning.

Jennifer Roberts B’87, ’88 says she is honored to have represented an independent voice for North Carolina families on the Mecklenburg County Commission for the past eight years and to have run for a U.S. Congressional seat in November. She lives in Charlotte, N.C., with her husband, Manley, and their two children. She enjoys playing tennis and volleyball on several community teams as well as camping, hiking and biking with her family.

Moyara Ruehsen JHU ’85, JHU ’86, ’88, Ph.D. ’92 spent December 2011 and January 2012 in Baghdad on a short-term consulting assignment to train bankers, central bank employees, and banking and business faculty from universities throughout Iraq. Ruehsen continues to teach courses at the Monterey Institute of International Studies on anti-money laundering, counterterrorism­ financing, drug trafficking and economic analysis of emerging-market economies. She lives in Monterey, Calif.

After three years as head of the Near East Division of the German Foreign Office, Boris Ruge B’88 was appointed German ambassador and director-general of Near and Middle Eastern Affairs and North Africa in June 2011. Whenever he is not travelling, he is kept busy by his youngest daughter, Nadia, in Berlin, where he lives.


Capucine Carrier ’89, founder of the executive coaching and change consulting company NeoAxis in Munich, where she resides, was elected vice chair of the study group on change management at a German national association of consultants in June.

In September at the Turkish Embassy Residence in Washington, D.C., Alan Fleischmann ’89 was inducted as one of 14 board members of the Atlantic Council. Also a SAIS Advisory Council member, he resides in Chevy Chase, Md.

Having worked as the leading scholar and adviser for East Asian economic integration issues for several years, Li Ke ’89 of Tokyo is a full professor at the Graduate School of Business at Nihon University and is the dean of the Japan-China Management School.

In January 2012, Bjorn Kjellstrom B’89 left Sweden and started a new job as the head of the European Parliamentary Office in the U.K. He lives in London with wife Mia—whom he married in Bath, England, in February—and three of his five children.

Achim Schafer B’89 is a partner of the Stuttgart, ­Germany-based boutique law firm Lehmann ­Neunhoeffer Sigel Schäfer and is qualified to practice law both in Germany and in Italy.

Geoffrey Walton ’89 continues his consulting work in trade policy and taxation after recently retiring from the World Bank, where he headed the International Finance Corporation’s Investment Climate Program in the East Asia-Pacific. Returning from Hong Kong, he now lives in Sydney, where he pursues environmental interests and writes poetry.

Jie (Bethy) Wu N’89 has been living in Toronto since 2006. Since May, she has been working with The Successful Investor Group, a newsletter publishing and portfolio management services company as head of the Human Resources and Circulation and Customer Service departments. Her son, accepted by Queen’s University in Canada for fall, is doing his first year of study at Queen’s Bader International Study Centre in East Sussex, England.


Andreas Baum ’90 of Tel Aviv, Israel, completed his posting as the Swiss ambassador to Nigeria, Niger and Chad, and as an observer to the economic community of West African States in August. In September, he took up a new posting as the Swiss ambassador to Israel.

In October 2011, Ana Sofia Cardenal B’90 shifted her area of research to the effect of changes in the media environment on electoral behavior. She is professor of political science at the Open University of Catalonia and teaches comparative politics at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, where she lives.

Karin Dhadamus B’89, ’90 moved from Brussels to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in December. She is in the midst of renovating a building in the heart of Buenos Aires to open a small boutique hotel, restaurant, spa and arts venue called Phileas Fogg Bayres—with special rates for SAIS alumni.


David Duckenfield ’91 of Coral Gables, Fla., ran into fellow classmate Arturo Sarukhan ’91, Mexican ambassador to the United States, at an annual meeting in Las Vegas for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. Duckenfield chatted with Sarukhan after leading the ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the annual NCLR Family Expo event, after which Sarukhan met with former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who attended SAIS in the 1960s.

Feroz Kahn ’91 of Seaside, Calif., has been on the faculty of the Naval Post-Graduate School’s Department of National Security Affairs since 2003.

Thomas Kearney ’91 and John Kremer ’91, both London residents, were featured in an AP Wire/Washington Post article in February, as they “took the waters”of Hampstead Heath following a heavy snowfall. They were photographed with fellow members of their winter swimming club, known locally as the East German Ladies Swim Team.

After nearly five years in Sri Lanka as the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP) country director, Douglas Keh B’90, ’91 returned to New York City in August to begin a new assignment at the U.N. headquarters. On loan from the UNDP, he works with the Department of Field Support’s undersecretary-general to push forward an ambitious change agenda to improve the way peacekeeping missions are planned, deployed and implemented. 

Frank Lavin ’91 of Hong Kong has launched a new company called Export Now to help U.S. companies use e-commerce in China. Export Now, with headquarters in Ohio and a location in Shanghai, allows U.S. companies to post products for sale in China just as they would on eBay or Amazon in the United States and operates in the areas of fulfillment, translation and currency, among others.

Kirsten Michener B’90, ’91, a resident of Tbilisi, Georgia, took advantage of the long summer days to knock a couple of remote, mountainous Georgian locales off her “Caucasus Bucket List.”These included the Khevsur village of Shatili in July and Tusheti in August.

Masahiro Michizoe B’90, ’91 lives in Tokyo and enjoys aikido, a Japanese-founded martial art, seeking harmony over victory and the promise that an attacker will take care of its defender. In light of recent territorial circumstances involving several countries in East Asia, ­Michizoe wonders if it might benefit players in conflict to embrace the “concern for neighbor”spirit that embodies aikido.

Maryam Montague B’90, ’91 and her husband, Chris, launched a boutique hotel, Peacock Pavillions, in Marrakesh, Morocco, which has garnered features on HGTV and the Travel Channel. She also runs a carpet and textile business, Red Thread Souk. Her blog, My Marrakesh, with millions of followers, was voted Best African Weblog in the 2011 Annual Weblog Awards. She resides in Marrakesh with her husband, two children and three peacocks.

Andrea Nicolaj B’89, ’91 continues his assignment in Canberra, Australia, with the EU Delegation to Australia and New Zealand, where he has been posted since September 2010, effectively as the deputy head of mission overlooking the delegation’s trade, economic, political, press and information activities.

In January 2012, Andrea Wojnar-Diagne ’91 was named the country director responsible for reopening the Peace Corps program in Nepal, which closed in 2004 because of a national conflict. She moved to Katmandu after more than 25 years of working in Africa. She and her family enjoy living in the tiny but beautiful Himalayan nation.


Todd Eisenstadt ’92, former director of USAID grants in Mexico, was made a full professor at the School of Public Affairs’Department of Government at American University in Washington, D.C., in September. His book Politics, Identity and Mexico’s Indigenous Rights Movements won the 2012 Van Cott Award from the Latin American Studies Association. He lives in Bethesda, Md., with his wife, Mireya Solis, and daughters, Natalia and Paola.

Erin Keown Ganju ­Hopkins JHU ’91, ’92 led Room to Read’s 2011 launch in Tanzania, the organization’s tenth country, in her role as co-founder and CEO. In June, Hopkins was honored to be selected as a member of Fast Company’s League of Extraordinary Women. She lives with her family in San Francisco and enjoys bringing her daughter, Julia, on international work trips whenever possible.

George Kerschbaumer B’92 of Munich is active in software and consumer-oriented businesses after 15 years of being in the corporate sector with McKinsey/DHL.

In September, Paul V. Oliva B’91, ’92 joined California Governor Edmund G. Brown’s executive team in charge of international affairs and business development at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) in Sacramento. Although Oliva’s new position is based in Sacramento, he works closely with partner organizations internationally and continues sailing and related writing and yacht club activities on San Francisco Bay.

In June, John Osborn ’92 of Chadds Ford, Pa., was named the senior vice president of global corporate affairs at Onyx Pharmaceuticals. He has offices at the headquarters in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. He also holds an affiliate faculty appointment in law and international studies at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Quinn Riordan B’91, ’92 recently celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary by taking a trip with his wife, Rika, to Istanbul in May. They reminisced on the Bosphorus with Bologna classmates Feray Akin B’91 and Erol Bakkalbasi B’91, JHU ’93. Riordan divides his time between Tokyo, Singapore and Honolulu.

In June, Arthur Rubin ’92 took a new position as the head of Latin American capital markets with Nomura Securities International, where he originates and executes cross-border financing transactions for clients throughout Latin America, focusing on Brazil. He lives in New York City with his wife, Barbara Glassman ’92, who is director of corporate relations for New York Cares, the largest volunteer service organization in the city, and their children, Maya and Noah.

Brian Ruszczyk B’91, ’92 lives and works in Geneva and runs the Turkey and Greece markets for Deutsche Bank’s Private Banking when not vacationing on his ranch in Patagonia.


Pedro Emilio Carrillo ’93, lives in Peachtree City, Ga., and is a senior lecturer at the Institute of International Business of Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses and coordinates core course and study abroad programs. He and his wife, Susan, have three adult children, Caroline Grace, Miguel Emilio and Pedro Emilio III, and two grandchildren, Samuel and Sara Grace.

Lars Chresta N’93 continues his environmental sustainability work in Australia. In August, he moved from state government to a new position with the city of Sydney, where he resides. He promotes workplace cycling and until November was a fellow in the Centre for Sustainability Leadership’s 2012 program. Chresta plans to relocate to London in May 2013.

Marten Frankby B’93 works as the cultural attaché at the Swedish Embassy in Moscow after leaving his last position as the director of the Center for Swedish Studies in Minsk, Belarus, in May 2010.

Kimihiko Kamikawa B’93 runs his own executive search firm in Tokyo, which he has done for 15 years. He reports that the economic situation in Tokyo has improved.

In September, Johanna Mair B’93 moved to Berlin. She divides her time between there and Palo Alto, Calif., for work.

Anne McKinney ’93 relocated to Bogota, Colombia, in 2007 with her family after 13 years with the U.S. Trade and Development Agency as a country manager and later a regional director for Latin America. In Bogota, she first worked as a business development consultant for Cisco Systems in Latin America and currently is the deputy director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Colombia.

In September, Antonio Missiroli B’93 was named director of the European Union Institute for Security Studies in Paris.


Nicole Altneu B’93, ’94 of New Jersey was chosen from thousands of applicants to join the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. She spent three days in August training with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and the staff of the nonprofit Climate Reality Project. As a volunteer climate leader and environmentalist, Altneu aims to ensure that adults, children and wildlife have a future on this planet.

Jeffrey Glover ’94 lives in Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany, but commutes to a job in Togliatti, Russia, on the Volga River, where he works for GM-AVTOVAZ, a small joint venture between General Motors, AVTOVAZ-Lada and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). He has been a managing director of the company since 2009.

Narushige Michishita ’94, Ph.D. ’03 is juggling duties as the director of the three-year doctoral Security and International Studies Program at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo, where he resides. He is the father of 1-year-old daughter Asa.

Bruce Poulin ’94 of Ottawa, Canada, is a former Canadian military officer, Canadian Army speech writer, service officer representing veterans and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, political candidate for provincial office in Ontario, and Trillium Award winner for being one of the Progressive Conservative Party’s outstanding candidates in the province during that election. He received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal in 2012 for his outstanding contribution to his community and his country. 

In June, Christopher Sands ’94, Ph.D. ’09 was named Western Washington University’s G. Robert Ross Distinguished Professor of Canada-United States Business and Economic Relations in Bellingham, Wash. He is writing a book on the North American economy’s future and teaches at Western’s business school. He is a senior fellow of the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., and will return to SAIS as a professorial lecturer of Canadian Studies in August 2013.


Michela Bastianini-Hartl B’95 and Martin Hartl B’92 moved back to Munich in September 2009. Bastianini-Hartl is an accounting professional and works part-time as a freelancer. Hartl has been head of asset management and pensions at BMW Germany since 2010.

Michael De Lucia B’94, ’95 returned to New York City in May after having lived and worked “down under”in Sydney since October 2010, where he was the director and chief strategist of NewsLab, a commercial creative ideas unit at the media company News Limited.

In February, Carrie ­Cullen Hitt B’94, ’95 of Boston visited Beth West B’94, ’95 in London. Hitt was there to run the Brighton Half-Marathon before the Boston Marathon. In August, she and her husband, John, and their three daughters vacationed with Gioia Marini de Reyn B’94, ’95 and Sebastian de Reyn B’94 and their children in Provence, France, and visited with Arend de Kapteyn B’94, ’95 in Geneva.

Bill Tanzola ’95 works for Accenture as a senior manager in its communications, media and high-tech practice. Previous projects have taken him to such places as China and Kuwait. Tanzola lives in Vancouver, Canada, and commutes to Silicon Valley.


Yuko Adachi ’96 continues her research on the Russian political economy and recently published a monograph on Russian big business. She is associate professor of Russian studies at Sophia University in Tokyo, where she resides.

In June, Josep Franquesa B’96 of Catalonia, Spain, enjoyed a vacation near San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy, with his wife, Joana, and their two daughters, Anna and Maria. They were together, once again, with some good friends from his days in Bologna, including Eric Sylvers B’96, ’97. Everyone was happy to welcome Sylvers’daughter, Alice, to the world. ­Franquesa runs a small business devoted to international trade of components for the automotive and agricultural industries.

In April, Engin Goksu B’95, ’96 was promoted as the head of office at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Ankara, Turkey. He handles all of the EBRD’s government-related business in Turkey and promotes its private sector activities in the wider region.

Melanie Harris Higgins JHU ’96, ’96 lives in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she is the deputy political counselor for external affairs at the U.S. Embassy. Higgins, a career member of the U.S. Foreign Service since 1998, arrived in Jakarta two years ago, and was in charge of two visits to Indonesia by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in July and November. She and her husband, Paul, speak Indonesian, travel extensively and scuba dive in the Asia-Pacific.

Kurt A. MacLeod ’96 of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is the vice president of Pact for Asia-Eurasia. The Washington, D.C.-based international nonprofit agency has programs in 26 countries. He spent considerable time this year in Myanmar working with their 2,000-person staff, as well as overseeing programs around the world.

J. Michael Nehrbass ’96 and his family will live in Jakarta, Indonesia, until 2014. He is USAID’s director of economic growth, and oversees projects in agriculture, biotechnology, economic policy, entrepreneurship, mobile banking and poverty reduction.

Jana Orac B’95, ’96 maintains a busy consulting practice in international development and health systems reform. Recent assignments have taken her to Egypt, Azerbaijan, Laos and Cambodia. When not overseas, she lives in Toronto, where she volunteers for a cycling advocacy group and runs the alumni chapter of her “other”graduate school, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Tien Fong Pasco N’96 and Brandt Pasco N’96 welcomed baby Oliver to their family in June.

Gerhard Sailler B’96 started his third year as deputy head of mission of the Austrian Embassy in Moscow. His previous assignments as a career diplomat included Tel Aviv, Israel;

Lisbon, Portugal; and ­Brussels. He lives in Moscow with his wife, Madalena Braganca Fontes Sailler, and their two daughters, ­Carolina and Katharina.

Catherine Valega B’95, ’96 is the owner of Green Bridge Wealth Management, LLC, a financial life advising company. She is also the owner of Green Bridge College Planning, which helps clients plan and pay for college and develop financial plans that strive for a greener, more prosperous future. She lives in Winchester, Mass., with her husband and four daughters.

In July, Virginia Smith Volpe B’95, ’96 was named North America head of alternative investments relationship management for Citi Transaction Services. She continues to live in New York City with her husband, Andrea, who she met while studying at the SAIS Bologna Center.


Mark Dubowitz ’97 continues his work on Iran sanctions, nonproliferation and the use of technology to encourage democratic change as the executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington, D.C. He looks forward to a free and democratic Iran and welcomes connections to other SAIS graduates who seek the same goal.  

Thomas Gilles B’94, ’97 is head of the China Desk of Baker & McKenzie Germany. He is responsible for high-growth markets and investments of Chinese companies in Europe. Gilles, his wife, Katherina, and their three children live in Oberursel near Frankfurt, Germany.

Russell Horwitz N’97 moved to Potomac, Md., in June. He commutes to Baltimore, Md., where he began his fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

James Leibold N’97 lives in Beijing with his wife, Kate Axup N’97, and their two children, Harry and Bridget. Axup is the chief representative of Allens Arthur ­Robinson’s Beijing office, and Leibold is a senior lecturer in politics and Asian studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. After stints in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the two lived in Melbourne for eight years before returning to China in January 2012.

In September, Catherine McKalip-Thompson B’96, ’97 moved to Libreville, Gabon, with her family to become a sustainable development manager for the Gabon Infrastructure Program with Bechtel.

A team leader of the Gitega regional office, Seiko Morita B’95, ’97 is a U.N. human rights officer in Burundi, a notably different position than she once held between 1997 and 2009, when she worked in the investment banking industry.

Paul Nachtsheim ’97 is general director of the German direct marketing association Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband in Wiesbaden and Berlin. He resides in Mannheim, Germany.

Patricia Ryan Tashiro ’97 published her first book, An Angel Whispered, in August 2011. She has held promotional book events in many cities but fondly remembers the ones in Alexandria, Va., and Tokyo, which were attended by many supportive SAIS alumni. She lives in Burlington, Vt., with her husband and daughter.

Sahin Yaman B’96, ’97 lives and works in Geneva as the chief commercial counselor for the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the World Trade Organization. Yaman previously lived in Ankara, Turkey, where he was the undersecretariat of foreign trade for the mission and a leading organizer of SAIS alumni events in the area.


In August, after a brief summer recess, SAIS Warsaw-based alumni leaders Joanna Brudnicka B’97, ’98 and Monika Noniewicz B’10, ’11 got a chance to catch up with each other and fellow SAIS alumni during one of the chapter’s happy hours at La Bodega wine bar. Warsaw’s former SAIS alumni leader Ruben Diaz-Plaja’s B’05, ’06 now lives in Brussels.

Britta Hillstrom Crandall ’98, Ph.D. ’09 and Russell Crandall ’97, Ph.D. ’00 enjoyed a trip to the Colca Canyon of Peru in March with their children, Dane, Nolan and Eli. They reside in Davidson, N.C.

In January 2012, David Dayhoff B’97, ’98 left ­Cargill, where he worked in assorted agribusiness roles for the nonprofit world. He is now a director at Hunger-Free Minnesota and Second Harvest Heartland and plans to lead a high school student service-­learning trip to Brazil in March 2013. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Aimee, and children, Wyatt and Tess. In July, they enjoyed a visit from Andrew Sullivan B’97, ’98 and his wife, Sara.

In December 2011, Aparna Mohan JHU ’97, ’98 of New York City and her husband, Scott, welcomed a new son, Milo, to the family. In August, Mohan was also named vice president for person-to-person payments strategy and global operations at MasterCard Worldwide in Purchase, N.Y. 

In September 2011, Karen Richardson N’98 moved from Boston to ­London, where she started a five-year program to become a veterinarian at the Royal Veterinary College. Previously, she was a reporter for 12 years at The Wall Street Journal in New York and Hong Kong and a foreign correspondent for Reuters in Asia.

John T. Vaaler ’98 is living in Moscow with his wife and two daughters. He has been the finance director for John Deere Russia for two years, helping to build Deere’s business there. Vaaler has been with Deere since graduation, with assignments in Europe and several postings in the United States before moving to Tampere, Finland, in 2008 to serve as finance director for Deere’s forestry business in Europe and Russia.

Scott Waldron N’98 and his family live in Brisbane, Australia. He is a research fellow at the University of Queensland, where he works and writes on agricultural development in China, Indonesia and Timor-Leste.

Fumio Yokomichi ’98 of São Paulo, having worked at Daiwa Capital Markets as an Indian stock market analyst and strategist in Mumbai, India, for two years, was transferred temporarily in October to Itau Unibanco in São Paulo, where he will work until 2016 as a Brazilian stock market analyst and strategist. He will then return to Daiwa Capital Markets.


Brad Bell ’99 and Branka Jikich Bell ’03 live in Warsaw, Poland, where they are both foreign service officers in the U.S. Embassy.

Hellen Barber De La Vega ’99, former Philippines ambassador to Myanmar until October, is consul general in Los Angeles. She came to Myanmar in September 2009 from Beijing, where she served as deputy chief of mission and consul general. She considers her back-to-back postings in Beijing and Yangon as most challenging and enlightening and is awed by the dramatic positive reforms taking place in Myanmar. She married in October 2011.

Marcus Freitas ’99, a professor at the Armando ­Alvares Penteado Foundation in São Paulo, attended the German Marshall Fund Brussels Forum in March on transatlantic relations and the Wilton Park Conference in May in West Sussex, ­England, on the future of the U.N.’s development system. In August, Freitas also joined the international relations faculty at São Paulo’s Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (School of Higher Education in Advertising and Marketing).

In July, Michael ­Goldberg ’99 of Cleveland, Ohio, returned from a semester as a Fulbright scholar in Hanoi, Vietnam, teaching entrepreneurship at the National Economics University and advising Vietnam’s National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization on entrepreneurship growth in Vietnam. Goldberg is an adjunct professor of finance and banking at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management. He runs a venture capital fund that invests in early-stage medical device companies.

Ronald Angelo Johnson ’99 was selected as the International Studies Professor of the Year by the students and faculty of Texas State University’s Center for International Studies. He lives in Kyle, Texas.

Ross Kaplan ’99 began serving the U.S. Department of State as a political-

economy reporting officer at the new U.S. Consulate in Alexandria, Egypt, in August. During his deployment, he stepped down as the director of D.C. Internationals Middle East South Asia Language Institute in Washington, D.C., which

he founded in 2010.

Mary Studdert N’99 lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is principal of Studdert Legal & Advisory. Her business regularly takes her to China and, when in Shanghai, she always uses the opportunity to catch up with fellow classmates from her days at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. When not running her business, Studdert spends time with her husband, Giles, and two boys.

In July 2011, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi ’99 of Tokyo, who works in the Japanese Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry, temporarily moved to the Finance Ministry’s Tax Bureau.


Vania Altenburg-Lorenzo B’99, ’00, who has lived and worked in Washington, D.C.; Santiago, Chile; and Rome since graduation, lives in New York City with her husband, an Italian diplomat, and is a visiting scholar at New York University’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, doing research about Chinese investments in Latin America-Caribbean.

Christina Balis B’99, ’00, Ph.D. ’05 relocated in December 2011 from Washington, D.C., to Paris to launch the European operations of the ­Washington-based management consulting firm The Avascent Group. After 12 years in Washington, she enjoys getting reacquainted with her European roots and reconnecting with old friends and colleagues.

After working for 10 years at Bayer Pharmaceuticals in Mexico, where she began as a sales representative, Roxane Born B’00 was appointed head of marketing and primary care in July. In 2011, after taking various executive courses, she became an alumna of the Harvard Business School. She also is learning her sixth language. Born recently visited Bologna and enjoyed recalling the memories of the great time she had at the SAIS Bologna Center.

In September 2011, Sarah Colon ’00 left her position as a research associate with the Japanese Science and Technology Agency’s Washington, D.C., office. Since then, she studied music and theater, co-led meditation retreats and was the vice president of public relations for the World Bank Toastmaster’s Group. In July, she volunteered on a vocational school construction project in Duchity, Haiti. In September, she began a university teaching position in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Katja Kammerer B’00 from Frankfurt, Germany, has moved with her family to Managua, Nicaragua, where she is setting up a new office for GIZ International Services, a branch of the German federal development agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, which offers services to multilateral organizations, governments and businesses in Central America.

In July, Markus Taussig ’00, living in Singapore, finished his first year as the assistant professor of strategy and policy at the National University of Singapore Business School. He has enjoyed seeing SAIS alumni in ­Singapore and in his former homes of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Josep Torres B’00 travels two to three times a year around the holidays with most recent trips being to Colombia, Turkey, Israel, Tunisia and Brazil. He lives in Mallorca, Spain, and teaches English language and literature at IES Politècnic high school (Palma) and at the Universitat de les Illes Balears.


Andre Bald ’01, visiting from Hanoi, Vietnam, Brad Roberts ’01, visiting from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Karl Rosenberg ’01, living in Washington, D.C., got together for a SAIS mini-reunion at a Washington Nationals baseball game in July. They hope to make this a yearly event and to expand participation.

Christopher Feddersen ’01 returned to Washington, D.C., in April after working on a one-year development project in Zambia and backpacking through more than 30 countries around the world. Two highlights were climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and staying with former headhunters in Borneo.

In June, at a graduation ceremony at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Brendan ­Gallagher JHU ’01, ’01 of Fort Knox, Ky., an Army major, received the General George C. Marshall Award for graduating first in his class, which included more than 1,000 majors at the Command and General Staff College. He was presented with a framed pistol by Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Lloyd Austin.

Rachel Schneller B’00, ’01 began her service as the U.S. consul in Toulouse, France, in July. She is there for a three-year assignment.


In April, Mohamed Ghassane Bouhia B’01, ’02 was appointed head of Atlantic Free Zone-Morocco, which includes one of the largest free trade zones on the African continent. Bouhia completed his education in May 2008 with an M.B.A. from l’Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées de Paris and has managed many large-scale real estate development projects throughout Morocco. He lives in Casablanca with his family.

Chris Dragisic ’02 of Washington, D.C., is the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (REDD+) focal point for the U.S. Department of State. Dragisic leads work on forests and climate change in forums such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and REDD+ Partnership, as well as bilateral and regional initiatives.

Adam Henry N’02 moved to Tucson, Ariz., in July and started a new faculty position in the University of ­Arizona’s School of Government and Public Policy in August.

Madaleine Hillsberg B’01, ’02 has accepted a new position at Isys Technologies, providing information technology and engineering services to their federal clients nationwide. Her husband, Chris Winkler B’00, ’01, is a consultant at Group W, specializing in defense. They celebrated their eight-year anniversary in August. Their two children, Beatrice, 6, and Eli, 4, attend the ­Horace Mann Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

Miho Ihara ’02 lives in Ottawa, Canada, and works as principle with CPCS, an international management consulting firm specializing in power and transport. She frequently travels to East Africa and the Middle East for work and, in August, visited Ethiopia, where she enjoyed a small reunion with SAIS classmates.

Hsiu-mei (Shirley) Lin ’02 is the deputy executive secretary for the Taipei City Government’s International Affairs Advisory Council. She lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

Annie Sabourin ’02, who lives in Montreal, was named a 2012–13 fellow by Action Canada, a national leadership development and public policy program.


Naoko Aoki ’03 lives in Washington, D.C., and started a Ph.D. program in international security and economic policy at the University of Maryland at College Park in August.

Stuart Bergman ’03 is the assistant chief economist and director of the Economic and Political Intelligence Centre at Export Development Canada, in Ottawa, where he resides. In February, Bergman and his wife, Emily, welcomed the birth of their second child, Madelyn Rose.

Isabel Bernal B’02, ’03 of Madrid works in the field of scientific communication and scholarly publishing and since 2010 has managed Digital.CSIC, the portal that provides open access to research outputs by the Spanish National Research Council.

Grey Frandsen ’03 and his wife, Lindsey, celebrated the arrival of their fourth child, Theodore Royce, in June. That month, ­Frandsen’s company HG Ventures, Inc. acquired two additional companies in its category, placing it within the top 10 in size for the pool, spa, and luxury waterscape market in the United States and Europe. He and his family live in Riverside, Calif.

Kristina Han B’01, ’03 enjoys living in Madrid, where she and her husband have a 1-year old daughter, Allegra Kyuri. In June, Han went back to business ­intelligence-consulting and works on her startup, Eureka Deal, which focuses on financial intermediaries.

David Landes B’02, ’03 finds it hard to believe five years have passed since he left Washington, D.C., for Sweden in October 2007. He lives in the Stockholm suburbs with his wife, Åsa, and their two young boys, Tim and Nils. Landes continues to serve as the editor of The Local, Sweden’s biggest ­English-language news website, a position he has held since September 2010.

Martin Mayerchak ’03, his wife, Laila, and son, Nicholas, vacationed in Maine and Virginia in August to beat the heat of their new residence, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He continues working with his consulting firm, The Kaizen Company, mostly in Iraq.

Alexandra Patsi B’01, ’03 moved to London in June 2011 with her husband, ­Vassilis, and son, Odysseas. She works for American Express as a senior manager of business insights for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Kristin Vorpahl ­Wesemann B’02, ’03, lives with her family of five in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is the director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.


Rebecca Chiao ’04 of Cairo is co-founder of a volunteer Egyptian initiative called HarassMap. She works hard to change the social acceptability of sexual harassment and reestablish consequences for harassers.

Jana Dorband B’03, ’04 has been with the U.S. Department of State since 2009 as a foreign service national hire based at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. An expert in U.S. foreign policy and transatlantic relations, she recently took over the management of the embassy’s strategic speaker program in the areas of economic security and global issues. Many of her favorite colleagues and supervisors have been fellow SAIS alumni.

Daniel Farchy B’04 lives in Mexico City with his wife, Hyejung, and baby, Inés, where he works with the International Finance Corporation’s Financial Markets Department on clean technology investment through financial institutions in the Latin America region.

Xuemin Shao ’04, having served as the appointed U.N. Development Programme representative to China, and the environment and energy chair for the U.N. country team, continues his work as the general representative for China and East Asia at the Nordic Investment Bank, an international financial institution based in Helsinki, where he resides.

Dave Wagner B’02, ’04 of Frankfurt, Germany, works at the rating agency Fitch, where he is responsible for structured finance business and relationship management. Ever the traveler, he fulfilled a dream of heading to the Australian Open tennis tournament in January 2012, caught up with fellow Bolognesi at the 10-year reunion in May, and in August returned from hiking in Yellowstone National Park.

Mayuko Yoshida ’04, who has worked with Canon since 2006, moved to New Delhi in May 2008 after working in sales in Hong Kong. She once traveled around India to develop business relationships with Japanese companies working there. Having realized the importance of developing people’s rapport-building skills in business, Yoshida shifted to human resources and now trains Canon employees and partners to help build soft skills.

Aleksandar Zaklan B’03, ’04 of Florence, Italy, defended his Ph.D. in economics from the Technical University of Berlin in August. He is a Jean Monnet Post-Doctoral Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, where he is doing research on climate and energy economics.


In the fall of 2011, ­Stefan Haid B’04, ’05 and Tatsiana Lintouskaya ’06 moved from Salzburg, Austria, to Vienna. They work as senior project manager for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and program director for Salzburg Global Seminar, respectively.

Matt Hildebrandt ’05, Mark Garlinghouse N’91, David Erickson N’08, ’09, and Petula Tse ’11 live in Singapore and organize events for the SAIS community. This year’s events have included happy hours with visiting SAIS professors, JHU staff, summer interns and SAIS Dean Vali R. Nasr.

In October 2011, ­Daniel Hobohm B’04, ’05 of Munich became head of investments and ventures for the Siemens Infrastructures and Cities Sector’s Mobility and Logistics Division. He is responsible for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and divestments.

Michalis Persianis ’05 of Nicosia, Cyprus, is the chief finance and economy editor for the Kathimerini newspaper and is a co-founder of Intelanco:Cy, which provides business intelligence, analysis and consulting to investors interested in politics and banking in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. Persianis was delighted by the birth of his second daughter in December.

Kate Zerrenner B’04, ’05 and her husband, Adam, had a baby girl, Emma ­Louise, in May. They reside in Austin, Texas.


Stephen Chien ’06 moved to Los Angeles with the Charles Schwab Corporation in June 2011. He and his wife welcomed their first daughter, Annalise, to their family in May.

After a stint as a deputy minister at the Romanian Transport and Infrastructure Ministry, Alexandru-Ion Coita B’05, ’06 of Bucharest, Romania, founded the Arcade Network public affairs consultancy in July. The firm focuses on assisting international companies to establish a presence on the Romanian market and Romanian firms to expand their operations abroad.

In December 2011, Alice B. Faibishenko B’05, ’06 and Juan Núñez-Gallego B’05, ’05, of Madrid concluded their responsibilities as senior advisers in the Spanish Ministry of Finance and the Economic Cabinet of the Spanish president, respectively. They have since established an independent family office, E3 Partnership, in January 2012, to provide economic and financial intelligence and execution services to selected institutional clients and corporations.

Georg Nitsche B’05, ’06 and Julia Pfundt B’05, ’06 got married in February in Frankfurt, Germany. In June their son, Ferdinand, was born. Pfundt is still with Deutsche Bank, and Nitsche took on a new role with the Austrian Central Bank in October.

Anna Ravvin ’06 moved back to Washington, D.C., in August 2011 after spending her post-graduation years in New York and Boston. In her role as an IT project manager, Ravvin has consulted with SAIS CIO George Petasis on best practices for the school. She and her husband, Mike, had their first child in November.

Dana Wong B’05, ’06 moved to her native Vancouver, Canada, in October 2009 to assist in developing British Columbia’s nascent carbon market. She started a family in May and will return to work at FortisBC, the regional natural gas utility, where she is leading development and implementation of an energy-­efficiency financing program.


Sam Amiel ’07 works on community-based answers to disaster relief in Indonesia, as well as rural development in Ethiopia. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and married with three children, he is part of the international development team for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Pothik Chatterjee ’07 and Shivangi Shrivastava ’07 traveled together to Rio de Janeiro in February prior to Chatterjee’s receiving his acceptance to the Harvard Business School’s class of 2014. Shrivastava is a policy advocacy specialist at the UNICEF headquarters in New York City, and ­Chatterjee is a principal in financial markets with the Bank of Canada in Toronto.

Krishna Dixit ’07, a civil servant and Internal Revenue Service officer, lives in New Delhi and is now commissioner of income tax. He also continues his work on tax inequities in India. He says that his SAIS finance background helped him create a crisis management venture in 2009 under the ‘Power of Ideas’initiative of the media giant Times of India.

Rebecca Harris B’06, ’07 and David Sullivan B’06, ’07 of Washington, D.C., were married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, on May 13. Harris and ­Sullivan met in Bologna while attending SAIS and were engaged in Sicily following their five-year SAIS Bologna Center reunion in May 2011.

A. Monika Kelemen B’06, ’07 of Kampala, Uganda, has been with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ-German International Cooperation) since graduation. In November 2009, she was posted to Uganda, where she is an adviser to the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala. She is engaged and is looking forward to her wedding in August 2013.

In August 2011, Renee Lamb B’06, ’07 became voluntarily unemployed to see more of the world. After 11 months of adventure, including a motorcycle ride through Nova Scotia, a car trip around the United States, yoga training in India, a hike to the Mount Everest Base camp in Nepal, consulting work in Gujarat, India, and visiting beaches in Senegal with Megan ­Willis B’06, ’07, she found herself in eastern Africa. She continues to travel.

Laurence Lemay ’07 got married in Costa Rica in February 2011 and now lives in Vancouver, Canada. After leaving her work in the government, she took a position at Westport, a global leader in natural gas engines, in August 2010. She leads international business development and government relations activities.

Tanja Luibrand B’06, ’07 and Stéphane Timmer B’06, ’07 live in Frankfurt, Germany. Luibrand works at KfW IPEX-Bank in project finance. Her job gives her the opportunity to travel to countries such as Mozambique and India. After working for four years at Renaissance Capital in investment banking in Moscow and London on mining projects in Africa, Timmer works for SANAD, a private equity firm.

Jay Lurie B’06, ’07 moved to Singapore in April with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) from his previous posting in New Delhi. The IFC’s Singapore-based infrastructure investment team began operations in 2012 as part of the World Bank Infrastructure Finance Center of Excellence.

Yusuke Makino ’07 lives in Tokyo with his wife, Hiroko, three-year-old son, Yuta, and newborn baby boy, Yuto. He continues to work as the head of crisis and security consulting at the Control Risks Group in its Tokyo office and supports Japanese clients facing political, security and integrity risks in global business environments.

Robert Ness N’07 is a doctoral student in statistics at Purdue University and researches complex networks in biology. In August, he moved to Doha, Qatar, to work with the Qatar Foundation.

Ivan Nunez ’07 lives in Washington, D.C., and continues to work at the Inter-American Development Bank. Last year, he structured and launched an energy-efficiency financial facility in Brazil before he accepted an offer to join the Infrastructure Division in May. Ozzy, an Old English Bulldog, joined his family in December 2011.

In June, Melissa Rekas ’07 of Washington, D.C., joined the World Bank as a private sector development specialist for the Europe and Central Asia region.


Shani Bar-Or B’07, ’08 moved back to her home country, Israel, in October 2011 after working for three years as an analyst at the Israeli Finance Ministry’s mission in Washington, D.C. She is an adviser to the Energy and Water Resources Ministry’s general director and lives in Tel Aviv, where she keeps in touch with fellow SAIS alumni.

In May, Elliott Bernstein N’08 of Beijing published a Chinese-English bilingual textbook with Capital Normal University Press in Beijing titled 100 Topics in Business English.

Astari Mareska ­Daenuwy ’08 is a diplomat for the Indonesian Foreign Ministry. She works at the Office of the Special Staff on International Affairs for the Indonesian President in Jakarta, and is the interpreter for Indonesian First Lady Ani Bambang ­Yudhoyono. She visited Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador in June, and Australia in July. 

George de La Roche ’08 is on his fourth year as Guatemala’s ambassador in Ottawa, Canada, and continues to work toward deeper political collaboration between the two countries. He focuses in particular on security and stability issues and raising awareness about threats posed by conflict and transnational crime. While acclimatizing to the long winters, his wife, Alice, has encouraged their three children to become hockey players.

In June, Laura Demetris B’05, ’08 returned to London, where she lives, from postings in Cyprus and the European Union External Action Service in Brussels to rejoin the United Kingdom Department for International Development’s Middle East and North team, which works on Syria.

In May 2011, while working for an energy company in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, Valerio Fabbri B’07, ’08 coincidentally ran into fellow alumnus Michael Cohen ’08 at Almaty’s city centre. Fabbri was visiting for the weekend, and Cohen was on a business trip for the United States Ministry of Energy to Almaty. Fabbri said of the chance encounter: “The transatlantic energy alliance is reborn through a coincidental Central-Asian meeting of two SAISers in the heart of Eurasia.”

Marie Grunert B’08, having worked at the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO in Brussels, traveled extensively in post-Soviet countries and lived a semester in St. Petersburg, where she researched the political economy of natural resources and the resource curse in Russia at the European University of St. Petersburg, now lives in London. She is working on her Ph.D. with a focus on Russia’s policies, strategies and goals in the competition for resources in the Arctic at Kings College.

Daniel Kollmann B’07, ’08 continues to grow his start-up founded right after he graduated from SAIS. He shows that there indeed can be a connection between an education in international relations and setting up an online company in the furniture business. He lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, and Berlin.

Planem ­Nikolov ’08 completed his Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University in December. His doctoral dissertation research focused on behavioral economics and development economics, and he has conducted fieldwork in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa. While in Tanzania he met with Myra Betron B’02, ’03 and Jared Mack, who has attended courses at SAIS. Nikolov splits his time between Cambridge, Mass., and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

In August, Jocelyn Roberts ’08 of Washington, D.C., joined the U.S. Department of State in the East Asia Bureau as the desk officer for the Lower Mekong Initiative, a mini-lateral whose members include the United States, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Jocelyn Y. Tate ’08 was chosen to serve as a member of the U.S. delegation to the 2012 World Conference on International Telecommunications in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tate served as an adviser on proposals negotiated during the conference. The International Telecommunications Union, an agency of the United Nations, convened this conference to review and update the current International Telecommunications Regulations.


Ayesha Ahsan ’09 lives in New Delhi. She is in the Pakistan Foreign Service and is a political counselor at the Pakistani Embassy in India.

Niv Elis ’09 lives the good life in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he works for The ­Jerusalem Post. In his downtime, he gets together with fellow graduate Shani Bar-Or B’07, ’08 to re-create SAIS happy hours, Israel-style.


Karen Anderson B’09, ’10 and Frank Alexander B’09, ’10 live in Monrovia, Liberia. In June, Anderson became country manager for CHF International, an NGO implementing programs in Liberia for USAID, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Initiative. Alexander works as a market researcher for Building Markets, an NGO leading a “buy local”campaign to increase multilateral and corporate procurement within Liberia.

Daniel W. Bloemers B’09, ’10 is serving as head of strategic development and special assistant to the director of Fraunhofer MOEZ in Leipzig, Germany, where he resides. The institute is part of Europe’s leading organization for applied research. In addition to exploring Asian markets for the institute, Bloemers is pursuing a doctorate in the field of international innovation policy.

Neil Bouhan B’10, ’10 of Chicago is an associate in investment banking group research, global currencies and public policy at BMO Capital Markets.

Cheng-Chwee Kuik ’10 is teaching and researching on smaller states-great powers relations at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). After defending his dissertation at SAIS in May 2010, he returned to UKM, where he had been since 1996, and was promoted to associate professor in February. In August, Kuik took a one-year leave to pursue postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford in England, where he now resides.

Annie Magnus B’09, ’10, lives in Oslo, Norway, and works as a consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers there. She recently joined the forensics team, and in November 2011 and July 2012 she assisted the 22 July Commission with its final report on the 2011 Oslo attacks.

In July, Brian Norris Ph.D. ’10 started a new job as a professor at The Citadel’s Criminal Justice Department in Charleston, S.C. He is working on a book chapter on Mexican prison reform. His wife, ­Jessica, and daughters, Jo and Virginia, love Charleston’s beaches.

In May, Sonja Panday ’10 left the United Arab Emirates, where she was Gulf Cooperation Council regional economic counsellor at the Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi. She is currently responsible for economic reporting at the ­Canadian Embassy in ­Beijing, where she teaches yoga to raise money for a school project in India.

Residing in Tokyo, Mari Tanaka ’10 works with The Nippon Foundation as a project coordinator in the International Program Department. In April, she was assigned to Sasakawa Global 2000, a project supporting African farmers. She enjoyed a business trip to Uganda and Ethiopia in August. She also has several scholarship projects in China, the Philippines, Turkey and Costa Rica.

Michael Tanenbaum JHU ’09, ’10 of Hong Kong, his co-founder of Connect­Cubed, Tony Lee, and their community manager, ­Jillian Macnaughton JHU ’10, share a vision for their company that recognizes the value of an online credentialing platform allowing job seekers to demonstrate their interest and prove their talent. In March, ConnectCubed launched a new Web platform that makes hiring more meritocratic and scientific.

Justina Wong ’10 and Sean Creehan ’12 got married in September at Gore Place in Waltham, Mass., after meeting during their freshman year at Harvard University. Their shared love of travel, Asia and international relations drew them to SAIS, where they studied in the Southeast Asia Studies Program. Several SAIS alumni attended the wedding. Wong and Creehan live in Washington, D.C.


Sarah Austrin-Willis ’11 lives in New York City, where she works for J.P. Morgan.

David P. Diamond ’11 serves in the U.S. Army Special Forces for the U.S. Special Operations Command Office of Legislative Affairs in Washington, D.C. In August, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel by Commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command Adm. William McRaven and Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio). At the assignment’s close in May, he moved to Fort Campbell, Ky., to take command of the Fifth Special Forces Group’s (Airborne) First Battalion.

Lena Diesing B’10, ’11 started her first job post-SAIS in September 2011. At Kroll Advisory Solutions, Diesing conducts research in German and French on investment targets and business partners of financial organizations. A native of Germany, she lives in Washington, D.C., and works in Reston, Va.

Upon graduating in May 2011, Signe Fosgaard B’10, ’11 moved to Shanghai, where she joined ChinaScope Financial, a financial data services company. She analyzes China’s economy for overseas institutional investors. In pursuit of a still greater understanding of China, Fosgaard enrolled in a national tea academy in February, where she examines, differentiates and assesses tea leaves with passionate classmates.

Anna Fritzsche B’11, ’11 of New York City has lived in ­Bologna; Brussels; Havana; London; Moscow; New Haven, Conn.; Paris; and Vienna in the past 10 years, and married her husband, Gary, from Trinidad and Tobago, on top of Rockefeller Center in January 2011. She is currently at Crisis Action and hopes to work at the United Nations someday.

Eric Lee ’11 has enjoyed his first year post-SAIS as a commodities strategist at Citigroup in New York City, where he advises institutional investors, hedge funds, companies and governments on energy markets, covering issues from the shale revolution and prospects for North American energy independence to the impact of geopolitics on oil markets. He contributes to media, including Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and Foreign Affairs. He sings and plays keys with the Washington, D.C.-based band ­Saffron Holiday.

In August, Thang (Jacky) Ly ’11 of Honolulu visited East Timor, where he swam in one of the most beautiful beaches and coral reefs in the world at Jako Island. He also had coffee with East Timor’s former president, Jose Ramos Horta, who had invited Ly to his home while he was visiting East Timor.

Miho Matsubara ’11 works at Hitachi Systems in Tokyo as a cybersecurity analyst and contractor. After graduating from SAIS on a Fulbright scholarship in May 2011, she started a fellowship for eight months at Pacific Forum Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank based in Honolulu and, in May, went back to Tokyo.

In May 2011, Keti ­Nozadze B’10, ’11 of Washington, D.C., began work at the World Bank on private sector evaluations and the International Finance Corporation’s sustainable business development unit.

Eric Persson ’11 lives in Frankfurt, Germany. In June, he became a research analyst for the president of the European Central Bank. When he is not busy saving the euro, he prepares for Iron Man competitions.

Monica Sendor B’10, ’11 entered the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service as a political officer in November 2011. She was assigned to Guangzhou, China, where she is serving as a consular officer for two years.

Moran Stern B’10, ’11, from Israel, is a lecturer at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, where he teaches courses on the history of Zionism and Jewish civilization. He is a Middle East and Israel analyst, and he lectures and writes on Middle East politics and security issues. He lives in Washington, D.C.

In February, Timo Graf von Koenigsmarck B’10, ’11 of Kabul, ­Afghanistan, accepted a job as risk manager with a focus on Afghanistan for the German Development Cooperation. In his work, he has witnessed tremendous progress and a warm welcome from the Afghani people in the quietest year Afghanistan has had since 2009.

In August, Christoph von Toggenburg B’11, ’11 and Johanna von der ­Weppen B’09, ’10 got married in Berlin. They met during a study trip organized by SAIS ­Bologna Center Professor Winrich Kühne in June 2011. Von der Weppen works as a water expert for the Ecologic Institute with offices in Berlin, and von Toggenburg is based in the Middle East as humanitarian expert for the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees. They both live in Jerusalem.

Abby Wakefield JHU ’10, B’10, ’11 of Miami works in research at Univision Communications and loves getting periodic visits from fellow SAIS alumni flying through the city or visiting on vacation.


In May, Abbas Akhtar ’12 was selected as one of the Acumen Fund Fellows for the class on 2013. He lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan, where he helps develop the business of the Ansaar Management Company, which provides free and low-cost housing to the poor in Pakistan.

Graham Day B’10, ’12 married Tania Bayona in September in Bogotá, Colombia, where they started their new life together. Bayona accompanied Day to Bologna during his year there and was very much a part of the SAIS community. Thirteen SAIS students came from North America and Europe to attend the wedding.

Edna Kallon B’11, ’12 works at the Independent Evaluation Group at the World Bank and lives in Washington, D.C.

A group of four recent graduates, Jakob Liermann B’11, ’12, Paola Luisi B’11, ’12, Saurav Rana B’11, ’12 and Andrew Zoeller B’11, ’12, attended the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September in Charlotte, N.C. David Duckenfield ’91 also attended.

In January 2012, Jimena ­Serrano B’11, ’12 visited Barichara, a beautiful colonial town in Colombia, and in March, she also traveled to Brazil as a member of the SAIS Latin American Studies Program. She lives in Washington, D.C., where she works for the Economist Intelligence Unit as a research assistant.


John McLaughlin B’66, ’66, former acting director of the CIA, received the 2012 Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association’s distinguished Alumnus Award on April 12 in Washington, D.C. McLaughlin is a SAIS distinguished practitioner-in-residence at the Philip Merrill Center for Strategic Studies and a volunteer across many SAIS divisions, including career services, admissions and alumni relations. His course American Intelligence: Its Role, Practice and Impact has been so well-received that he now teaches two sessions per semester.

When not in the classroom, McLaughlin offers career advice to students and runs a yearlong series of talks, bringing experienced practitioners to SAIS to convey practical knowledge to students about how to succeed in Washington. McLaughlin has continually served as an advocate for SAIS and speaks each year for the Office of Admissions’Open House career panel, often concluding his speeches by demonstrating his rather unusual talent as a magician.

McLaughlin has given fascinating lectures to alumni on the government’s inner workings and the fall of the Berlin Wall. McLaughlin was uniquely qualified to give this talk given his distinguished career at the CIA, which spanned more than 30 years and began in 1972 with a focus on European, Russian and Eurasian issues in the Directorate of Intelligence. He later became the director of European analysis and the director of Slavic and Eurasian analysis. While serving as the deputy director for intelligence from 1997 to 2000, he created a career track that enables the agency’s analysts to rise to senior rank. He also founded the Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis.


Blair Glencorse B’03, ’04, the founder and executive director of the Accountability Lab, received the 2012 Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association’s Outstanding Recent Graduate Award on November 15 at SAIS in Washington, D.C. Previously, Glencorse worked on state and market building in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America at the Institute for State Effectiveness and the Aspen Institute, and also worked with the World Bank.

In addition to his SAIS degree, Glencorse has a master’s in modern history from the University of Edinburgh. He is a fellow of the British-American Project and the Royal Society of Arts, an ambassador of the British Council’s TN2020 Leadership Network and a BMW Foundation Young Leader. In the early months of Arab Spring in 2011, Glencorse was honored as a U.N. fellow for the Middle East and North Africa. He was also named one of the top “99 Under 33”Foreign Policy Leaders in 2012 by Diplomatic Courier magazine. He has worked tirelessly to support SAIS through teaching, mentorship and fundraising.


In Memoriam

William Barlow ’50

Gita Beker Busjeet B’04, ’05

William Copenhaver ’75

John Dailey ’89

Anne de Lattre ’49

Robert Ellis ’48

Betsy Gillies ’55

Richard H. Howarth Sr. ’59

James Hurd ’47

Warren Leonard B’63

Gene Martin, staff

Priscilla Mason, staff

Bruce W. Morrison B’84, ‘85

Helmut Sonnenfeldt, SAIS Advisory Council member/faculty

Alan Wachman, staff

Philip West, staff


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